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Five reasons to mediate your divorce

Just because you are going through a divorce doesn't mean the process is going to be a drawn-out battle with both sides at each other's throats. In fact, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are willing to use divorce mediation instead of traditional divorce proceedings, you can often resolve your divorce-related issues more quickly and easily.

How long does alimony last in California?

If you are going through a divorce, you may have many questions about alimony, regardless of whether you think you may be ordered to pay it or are entitled to receive it. For instance, one of the most common questions people have is how long courts typically order ex-spouses to pay alimony, which is officially known as spousal support in California. The short answer: it all depends on your circumstances.

Hilary Duff and husband finalize divorce

A California judge finalized the divorce of Hilary Duff and her husband Mike Comrie in late January 2015. The couple was married in August 2010 and were separated in January 2014, and it was reported that they would share custody of their three-year-old child. The couple did have a prenuptial agreement in place, and Comrie is giving Duff the family home in exchange for $2.4 million.

How parents can help children through divorce

Parents in California who are ending their marriage may worry about the effect that the breakup will have on their children. It is important that parents reassure their children that the divorce is not their fault. Children also need to hear that they are loved unconditionally.

Prenuptial agreements can help couples in many ways

Whether an individual is getting married in California or any other state, a prenuptial agreement may be beneficial. A prenuptial agreement is in most cases a financial agreement that determines how property will be divided in the event of a divorce. Most states recognize such agreements as long as they are executed properly, which means that they are created with enough time for all parties to thoroughly review them. They allow a couple to decide how to divide their assets or whether or not either party should be given alimony.

Qualifying for divorced spouse Social Security benefits

Under certain circumstances, the Social Security Administration awards spousal benefits upon retirement even after a divorce. A person considering a divorce in California might wish to be informed about the standards that must be met in order to collect a Social Security spousal benefit.

Taking steps to protect against possible divorce

Most couples in California don't want to think about the possibility that they might later get divorced. Statistics clearly demonstrate that this is a possibility for all people who are married, however. Understanding that can help people take steps to both help prevent divorce as well as to protect them if it does happen.

The basics of alimony

California residents who might be facing the end of their marriage have many things to consider. One of these is the payment or receipt of alimony. There are multiple factors that can affect the order and amount of alimony. Additionally, these factors change from state to state.

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