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Is custody automatically given to mothers during divorce?

While some may argue that courts in the past favored mothers over fathers when it came to child custody disputes, that is simply not the case today. In fact, California law clearly states that a mother and a father "are equally entitled to custody" of their child.

Tips to make co-parenting easier

When a California couple with children decide to divorce, they are generally responsible for continuing to raise the child after it is finalized. While some parents are not able to co-parent together, there are strategies that may make doing so easier. One idea may be to interact with the other parent like an individual would with the child's teacher. Interactions can be limited to meeting the needs of the child while leaving personal matters aside.

Amber Portwood's custody battle

Some Californians may have heard about TV personality Amber Portwood's child custody case revolving around her young daughter. Close on the heels of winning custody of her daughter, Portwood became embroiled in rumors surrounding the revelation that her boyfriend, fellow celebrity Matt Baier, has seven children. The revelation occurred on Portwood's 'Teen Mom" reality show, in which another cast member broke the news to reporters.

California parents can change custody orders

Divorced California parents who have received custody and visitation orders may find it helpful to know that these orders aren't necessarily permanent. Parents with orders that don't function as intended may renegotiate their terms, and although parents that both agree to new terms can devise their own agreements for submission to the court, such consensus isn't strictly required. One parent can also formally request a modification.

Rape and child custody rights in California

In 15 states across the nation, the law provides no support to a woman who becomes pregnant due to a rape. This means that she may have to share custody with the child's father, consult with him when making decisions about the child or even ask him for permission to put the child up or adoption. In many of the other 35 states, including California, a man may need to be convicted before his parental rights are terminated.

Facts determine child custody in California

In a California child custody case, all of the facts are considered before a final decision is made by a judge. This means that parents who have a history of domestic violence or substance abuse may not be automatically barred from seeing their children. While there may be restrictions placed where visitation occurs or how parents split custody, courts place a high value on children having relationships with both parents.

Commitments worth making to your kids during your divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you may be questioning your judgment right now. You may be wondering if you are making the right decision and you may even be questioning your choice to wed your spouse in the first place. It can be understandably difficult to make new commitments while you are questioning whether or not you can be trusted to make ones that are sound. However, it is important to consider making some specific commitments to your children during your divorce process, even if doing so makes you a bit uneasy.

Are you thinking about pursuing full child custody rights?

If you and your child’s other parent have parted ways, you may have questions about your child’s custody situation. Increasingly, courts across America are opting to place children in shared custody situations. For many children, this kind of arrangement is ideal. They can see both of their parents on a regular basis and maintain healthy relationships with both of them as well.

Why it may be best for your kids if you opt to divorce

If you are considering divorcing your spouse, you may be understandably concerned about how that decision will affect your children. There is no denying that divorce is most often a painful process for everyone who is affected by it. However, this pain is generally temporary. Only you can determine whether or not divorce is the healthiest choice for your family. But it is important to understand that you will almost certainly not be doing your children lasting harm by opting to divorce, provided that you move forward in a certain way.

Worried about how your divorce will affect your parenting?

If you are going through a divorce or have recently finalized one, you may understandably be worried about a host of issues. You may have financial concerns, concerns about how your divorce may affect your relationships and concerns about your living situation. If you are a parent, you are likely worried primarily about how your divorce will impact your child.

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