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2 questions about divorce mediation

If you're considering divorce mediation, you and your soon-to-be ex are on the right path. Divorce mediation assists spouses to quickly overcome their potential differences and reach a mutually-agreed upon divorce settlement agreement.

The benefits of mediation are three-fold: (1) it saves a tremendous amount of money by avoiding litigation and costly court proceedings, (2) it saves time and (3) it's less stressful and helps you and your spouse maintain peaceful relations. Due to these benefits, you might want to learn a little bit more about the mediation process by reviewing the following questions.

What does a divorce mediator do?

A divorce mediator serves as a neutral third party to the spouses. As an impartial third-party, the mediator can help the spouses look at any potential roadblocks objectively. The mediator will also ensure that both spouses have an equal chance to speak and explain their wants and wishes.

The mediator will also offer valuable insight into the legal process, how a California family law judge will likely decide certain questions and information about alternative ways to resolve different issues.

What will happen during my mediation proceedings?

Your mediation process will consist of several sessions that last between one and two hours each. During the first meeting, you and your spouse will arrive with your respective attorneys to discuss the issues that need to be decided. During this meeting the two sides will also determine what kind of information and documentation -- including financial data and other information -- that the spouses need to share. Before the next meeting, the couples will gather said information.

During subsequent meetings, the mediator will guide the couple toward resolving and reaching compromises on various issues. Eventually, when all of the issues have been decided, the mediator will write up the divorce agreement for the attorneys and their clients to review and sign.

Do you want to mediate your divorce?

The more you know about divorce mediation, the better you'll be able to decide if the process is right for you and your spouse. Also, learning about mediation will give you a better chance of navigating the process toward the successful dissolution of your marriage.

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