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Prenuptial agreements can help couples in many ways

Whether an individual is getting married in California or any other state, a prenuptial agreement may be beneficial. A prenuptial agreement is in most cases a financial agreement that determines how property will be divided in the event of a divorce. Most states recognize such agreements as long as they are executed properly, which means that they are created with enough time for all parties to thoroughly review them. They allow a couple to decide how to divide their assets or whether or not either party should be given alimony.

Such agreements tend to be more popular in recent years among younger people who may have significant student loan indebtedness. Instead of being tied to a partner's student loan debt, the couple can agree to be responsible for their own debt in the result of a divorce. Writers and others who may not have a lot of money at the time they get married may not want to lose what they earned during the marriage.

Talking about a prenuptial agreement may be beneficial for a relationship. Money is a common reason why couples get divorced, and one reason why couples don't talk about money is because it is awkward to do so. However, the conversation can be a casual one that occurs over time. This may help both parties open up and make sure that they have a coherent financial plan during marriage.

A couple who is facing the end of a marriage will have their property divided by a judge if they are otherwise unable to agree. If a prenuptial agreement is in place, that may spell out how this is done. However, the agreement must be valid to be enforced, and an attorney can review an existing one to see if it is in compliance with applicable law.

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