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Pre-divorce preparations are important

Many California residents who plan to divorce will choose to file shortly after the new year. Some will do so without thorough planning in advance, leading to potential problems later on.

People need to make certain that they are taking care to not leave trails of information that could be used against them in their divorce cases. They should also take the time to carefully consider whether a divorce is what they really want. A person might want to speak with a financial planner who does not know either spouse so the information will be confidential. A financial planner can help people to understand how the divorce will affect them.

Taking an inventory of assets and gathering and reviewing all of the financial documents is a very important step to take before filing for divorce. This can help people to get a very clear understanding of what might happen when they file. As a community property state, California treats all assets accumulated by either spouse during a marriage as the joint property of both. This means those assets will be divided equally in the divorce unless the parties can otherwise agree. By understanding what will happen, people should be able to approach their divorces rationally and with less emotional conflict.

Planning ahead for the end of a marriage prior to filing is a good idea. After considering all of the ramifications, it is possible that people may decide they do not want to divorce after all. In some cases, the tax benefits and such things as health insurance access outweigh the person's wish to get a divorce. People may want to meet with a family law attorney at the outset so they can also get a good understanding of what the legal effects of a divorce will be on their lives.

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