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California adoption processes differ

California residents who want to adopt a child may have to follow different rules depending on the type of adoption they seek. The California Department of Social Services classifies adoptions using three general categories: agency, independent and intercountry. The categorization of a given adoption impacts factors like birth parents' rights, who is responsible for care and custody during the process and consent.

Amber Portwood's custody battle

Some Californians may have heard about TV personality Amber Portwood's child custody case revolving around her young daughter. Close on the heels of winning custody of her daughter, Portwood became embroiled in rumors surrounding the revelation that her boyfriend, fellow celebrity Matt Baier, has seven children. The revelation occurred on Portwood's 'Teen Mom" reality show, in which another cast member broke the news to reporters.

California parents can change custody orders

Divorced California parents who have received custody and visitation orders may find it helpful to know that these orders aren't necessarily permanent. Parents with orders that don't function as intended may renegotiate their terms, and although parents that both agree to new terms can devise their own agreements for submission to the court, such consensus isn't strictly required. One parent can also formally request a modification.

Taking steps to protect against possible divorce

Most couples in California don't want to think about the possibility that they might later get divorced. Statistics clearly demonstrate that this is a possibility for all people who are married, however. Understanding that can help people take steps to both help prevent divorce as well as to protect them if it does happen.

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