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The age when divorce rates increase

People in California may still hear disparaging comments about the number of marriages that fail, but divorce rates have actually decreased in many groups. While it is a rumor that half of all marriages end in divorce, there is one age group where the divorce rate is increasing. According to Bowling Green State University researchers, people over the age of 50 ended twice as many of their marriages in 2014 than in 1990.

Some older couples may be more financially secure than when they were younger and are now able to afford a divorce, while the changes in how marriage is viewed could also lead to divorce as there is currently less social stigma for leaving an unsatisfying marriage. One might have looked for a partner based on the ability to earn a living or raise children in the past, but individuals today are encouraged to look for someone who can provide love and happiness.

Second marriages are more likely to end in divorce than first marriages, so this could also contribute to the amount of divorces for older adults. However, research from Brigham Young University shows that many married people think about divorce. More than half of those between the ages of 25 and 50 who were surveyed said that they had thought of ending a marriage, but most said that they decided to work on improving their marriage instead of getting a divorce.

There are instances when couples get to the point where they can no longer make their relationship work, and the divorce process can end up being either relatively simple or contentious and complicated depending on the willingness of both parties to communicate with each other. I many instances, a divorcing spouse will want to have the assistance of an attorney throughout the process.

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