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Avoiding common divorce mistakes with a checklist

Going through a divorce in California can be an emotionally draining and stressful process, and this can sometimes lead to pressing matters being rushed or neglected. One way to avoid common divorce pitfalls is to compile a checklist of important matters to attend to. Preparing this kind of list gives spouses a clear picture of where they stand and may provide them with confidence as they enter into property division or child custody negotiations.

Taking measures to protect sensitive data is an important first step for spouses facing the end of a marriage. Digital data can be secured by changing online account passwords, and paper correspondence can be kept private by renting a post office box. It may also be wise for spouses to secure assets with high sentimental values. This can prevent them being used to apply emotional pressure during discussions over marital property.

A divorce checklist should also include reminders to gather all financial records and request credit reports. Consumer credit information can identify financial accounts that may have otherwise been overlooked. Another important matter for spouses to take care of is changing the beneficiary information on retirement accounts, insurance policies and end-of-life documents such as wills and health care directives. Spouses who have health insurance coverage through their estranged partner's employer would be prudent to seek necessary treatment before filing for divorce.

A spouse who is considering a divorce can discuss the most important tasks during an initial client consultation with a family law attorney. Attorneys will likely be familiar with the most common divorce mistakes, and they may be able to outline a proactive approach designed to avoid them. Thorough preparation could also lead to more productive and less volatile divorce negotiations and increase the chances of an amicable resolution.

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