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What individuals can expect in the early stages of divorce

Many Californians get divorced every year. It is not uncommon for people who are thinking about divorcing to have questions regarding what they should expect at their initial consultations with their family law attorneys. Understanding what will happen at an initial consultation can help the person gather needed information and be prepared for the meeting.

Before the office staff will schedule the consultation date and time, they will run what is called a conflicts check to make certain their office does not have an ethical conflict in the case. If they determine there is no conflict, then an appointment will be scheduled. At the appointment, individuals should understand that they will do most of the talking since the lawyer needs to take notes. They should be prepared to discuss all of the relevant facts of their case, including the date of their marriage, the number and ages of children, foreseeable points that could be at issue and any property division.

It is best for people to bring information regarding their income, their spouse's income, a complete list of the marital assets and a complete list of marital debts. These lists should include any that were accumulated or that accrued during the marriage, no matter if only one spouse's name is on them.

Getting a divorce can be an involved process. With careful preparation, the attorney can be better informed about the particular issues in a case from the start. They can then help determine whether the case can be resolved through an alternate dispute resolution process, such as mediation or arbitration. They may also be better able to negotiate a settlement with the other spouse that is fair and that protects their client's interests. If the divorce is a highly contentious one, the attorney may litigate on behalf of their client through the divorce trial.

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