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Avoiding common divorce mistakes

The end of a marriage can be an emotional time for all those involved. Due to this, there are many legal mistakes that can be made by California couples who are going through a divorce. One of the most important things to keep in mind when attempting to avoid them is that decisions need to be based on information, education and logic, not on emotions.

One of the most common legal mistakes made by divorcing couples is not choosing the process. While some splits are so divisive that the issues have to be litigated in court, many couples are able to workout their differences through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or collaborative divorce. Figuring out what is best for each situation before beginning the process can save money and time.

It is also important to approach the applicable divorce legal issues with clarity. Both spouses should know what their total assets are, what their expenses are and even what the future tax implications will be. When young children are involved, divorcing parents should understand the differences between legal and physical custody. Finding the right lawyer is important, since some attorneys have more experience in litigation, for example, than in mediation. Before choosing legal representation, a person should also think about their own personality, that of their spouse and what they expect the divorce to be like.

Once the process starts, it is beneficial to avoid creating additional unnecessary drama, since this too can have repercussions later on. Couples should focus on the outcome of the divorce and the full consequences of this and not on each individual confrontation, which can be motivated by anger and hurt. Avoiding these common mistakes can be easier when each party has the assistance of experienced counsel.

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