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Seeking an amicable divorce process?

If you and your spouse are in a position to pursue a relatively amicable divorce, it is important to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in these kinds of divorce cases. Some attorneys prefer to help clients who are negotiating contested divorces and would therefore likely not be a good fit for you and your situation. Achieving an amicable divorce will depend on the approaches taken by you, your spouse and the attorneys representing you both.

It is important to understand what kinds of conditions will allow you to achieve an amicable divorce, as some divorces which begin amicably enough break down into contested disputes along the way. In order to remain in a position where your divorce may be negotiated or mediated instead of litigated, it is generally important to remain focused, to avoid arguing about relatively trivial matters and to have a forward-looking approach.

If you remain focused on your values and priorities, you will be less likely to be sidetracked by issues that do not matter as much. In addition, if you are most concerned with creating a foundation for future health and happiness, you will be less likely to become bogged down by arguments related to past hurts.

The divorce process tends to be complex, nuanced and tricky. In order to keep this process “friendly” to the extent that you can, you and your spouse must focus on this commitment or risk getting dragged down into the muck. If you find yourself faltering, do not hesitate to ask your attorney to help you get back on track.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How to Have a Peaceful Divorce,” Laura Lifshitz, May 5, 2015

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