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Even if your divorce process is going 'great'...

We have previously written about the potential benefits of a relatively amicable divorce process. If you and your spouse can commit to resolving your differences with the aid of your attorneys and perhaps a mediator, you can avoid many of the costs and stresses traditionally associated with a litigated divorce process. However, it is important to remember that simply because a divorce process is not litigated does not make the process easy to navigate.

Why you cannot count on divorce to 'change' your spouse

One of the sage pieces of advice that loved ones often give to engaged couples is that you cannot hope that marriage will change your partner for the better. By the time that most individuals marry, the core aspects of their personalities have been set. Certainly, life events, diligence and other factors can contribute to personality changes for the better and for the worse late into adulthood. But generally, one cannot count on marriage to change a partner for the better.

An important reminder for kids of parents who are divorcing

We frequently write about topics that directly concern parents who are either weathering a divorce or who have recently navigated the divorce process. However, it is also important to speak directly to kids and teens of parents who are divorcing or divorced as well. Understandably, most public information about the divorce process is geared towards the adults who have opted to undergo this legal transition. Yet, it is vitally important that everyone who is affected by divorce is allowed access to age-appropriate resources that they can relate to.

Seeking an amicable divorce process?

If you and your spouse are in a position to pursue a relatively amicable divorce, it is important to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in these kinds of divorce cases. Some attorneys prefer to help clients who are negotiating contested divorces and would therefore likely not be a good fit for you and your situation. Achieving an amicable divorce will depend on the approaches taken by you, your spouse and the attorneys representing you both.

Reasons to avoid social media during divorce

There are two primary reasons why it is important to consider refraining from using social media during your divorce. First, if you misstep in any way, your actions could negatively affect your divorce settlement or your child custody case. Second, observing posts by your spouse, in-laws, mutual friends, etc. may only serve to inflame your already negative emotions inspired by your divorce process.

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