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Debunking common divorce myths

If you are either thinking about filing for divorce or if you and your spouse have already decided to divorce, you may be concerned about any number of issues traditionally associated with the divorce process. Certainly, there are challenges associated with the legal aspects of divorce, but many of the challenges you will face will occur outside of your attorney’s office.

Separating myth from fact in regards to the legal aspects of divorce may help you to entrust much of the legal process to your attorney. Once your attorney is focusing on this area of your divorce, you will be freer to focus on the practical aspects of divorce which occur outside of the law’s jurisdiction. For example, if you can make an informed and confident decision to entrust much of the legal work to your attorney, you will be able to concentrate on your new living situation and processing any grief you may have inspired by this life transition.

One myth that still impacts people seeking divorces is that spouses should hide assets from one another. In reality, you and your spouse should be as forthcoming as possible with your attorneys. If the court suspects that you are hiding any relevant assets or information from your spouse or the court, you could face serious consequences. Be forthcoming with your attorney and allow your attorney to aid you in making informed decisions based on all the information available.

In addition, two misleading myths insist that divorce is easy and that divorce is a highly contentious process. In reality, most divorces are neither simple nor highly antagonistic. Your divorce process will likely be intricate and challenging at times, but if you and your spouse are committed to avoiding unnecessary drama, your attorney will likely be able to guide you through a relatively straightforward process over the period of several months.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Divorce Myths to Legally Separate From (Even If You're Single),” April 9, 2015

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