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Do you owe an 'apology' to divorce?

When you were a child, a teen or perhaps a younger adult, you may have perceived divorce in a distinctly negative light. You may have thought that individuals who choose to divorce are “quitters” or are individuals who should have never married in the first place. Now that you have married and are perhaps considering a divorce, you may be reforming your earlier perceptions.

Why it may be best for your kids if you opt to divorce

If you are considering divorcing your spouse, you may be understandably concerned about how that decision will affect your children. There is no denying that divorce is most often a painful process for everyone who is affected by it. However, this pain is generally temporary. Only you can determine whether or not divorce is the healthiest choice for your family. But it is important to understand that you will almost certainly not be doing your children lasting harm by opting to divorce, provided that you move forward in a certain way.

Preparing to divorce your spouse

Nothing can truly prepare you for the process of ending your marriage. However, you can take steps to prepare yourself as effectively as you possibly can. The nature of the legal divorce process you pursue will ultimately be up to you and your spouse. If you fundamentally disagree about significantly important property or child custody matters, you will likely need to litigate your divorce. However, if you can avoid fundamental disagreements, you may be able to mediate or otherwise negotiate your divorce.

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