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When the Guns Come Out

One of the most iconic firearms manufacturers since 1983, Glock, is seeing a divorce that couldn't have been scripted better by Hollywood. Gaston Glock (83) and Helga Glock (79) divorced in 2010 after Helga and her three adult children had been shadily ousted of their 15% shareholding in the company and also terminated from their company positions. According to Helga, the notoriously secretive Gaston has been obscuring financial information that she has not been able to be attain through their home courts in Austria.

Helga recently hired an Atlanta Law firm to file a US court order instructing the American subsidiary GlockInc. in Atlanta to turn over financial documentation. The legal action, an "ex part application for judicial assistance in obtaining evidence for use in a foreign tribunal" is currently pending before a federal magistrate judge in Atlanta.

The story of this divorce gains its nearly scripted idealization in the details.

The three Glock children claim that they had intended to assume the company in the event of their father's passing, but many other guns manufactures and private investors are interested in what would actually happen with the company if the primary shareholder were to pass as they have personal interest in securing the world wide brand. In 2008 Gaston suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. During this time frame he was taken care of by his nurse and now wife, Kathrin Tschikof (32) whom Helga reports "totally denied me and other family members any access to Glock Sr., warning us that such contact would threaten another stroke or possibly cause death." After Gaston regained his health, his children were quickly terminated from the company in early 2010 before the divorce was initiated.

Helga notes that Gaston had amassed a wealth in excess of one billion euros at one point, but had begun to reallocate wealth in subsidiary companies and attempted to nearly eliminate his wealth before their divorce. Helga believes that through Gaston's affiliated network, he is able to move around what she contends is marital assets.

Currently, Helga is pursuing three legal initiatives. She is seeking to regain her 15% stock in the company, seeking division of marital property and demanding alimony.

Gaston has had limited input on the situation, but contends that he has not acted improperly. His wife, the new Mrs. Glock, has had no comment on the matter. For the Glock v. Glock case, the end target does not seem near.

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