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Orange County Divorce Support Resources: Updated for 2012

Last year we published a post about Divorce Support Groups in Orange County which was a very popular post with our readers. Due to the popularity of this post, we wanted to update the list of divorce support groups, and expand the list with a few other divorce support resources that may be useful to those who are divorcing or already divorced.

As we said in last year's post, divorce support groups can be a great way to heal and talk to others who have been there, or are going through the same experiences you are. If you've never been through a divorce or separation, it can be a very scary experience and it is not uncommon to feel isolated and alone. That's where divorce support groups come in.

There are many, many types of support groups out there and some of the factors you will want to consider when choosing one are: size, location, frequency, whether they are men only, women only, or mixed. These factors are important to consider so you find a group that is conveniently located, meets on a schedule that works for you, and is a place where you feel comfortable expressing yourself. You may not find a group with the 'right fit' on your first attempt. Don't be discouraged; keep trying until you find a group that works for you!

Here are some links to local Orange County Divorce Support Groups that you may find helpful:

A New Beginning: The Orange County Divorce Support Group

This is a large support group, and currently has 411 members. This Meetup group describes itself as " ... a divorce support group focused on helping people go beyond merely coping with a divorce to moving past this life-changing situation and begin to recover and rebuild their own lives. We offer a positive, forward-looking atmosphere to meet new friends who understand what you are going through, as well as to share experiences and perspectives in order to process and help each other through this challenging phase of our lives."

The SoCal Single Mamas and Papas

This is another large Meetup group that currently has 478 members. The description for this group reads "Single Mamas and Papas (We are calling ourselves SMAPs) is a support, discussion and networking group for moms and dads who need strong shoulders to lean on. It's our very own community. If you have a child and need support, you are welcome! We organize events in L.A. and O.C., San Fernando Valley and San Diego counties..."

SoCal Single Parents

Even larger than the previous groups, OC Active Single Parents with Children has over 800 members, and say they are a "family oriented group dedicated to the children and their single parent." The description continues to say "The premise of our group is to offer Single Parents in Southern California the opportunity to make new friendships with those who understand the trials & tribulations of being a single parent - through divorce, separation, widowed, or just never been married."

Hurting Relationships Meetup Group

This group's primary purpose seems to focus more on healing and support than socializing, which many may find helpful during the painful divorce process! The group's description reads "This group was started to support the broken hearted and the disillusioned. The purpose of this group is to provide resources for anyone who is hurting because of a present or past relationship. There will be a calendar of events providing Meetup support meetings, special nights with guest speakers."

Fun Single Parents of Orange County

If you're looking to connect with other single parents for family-oriented activities, this might be a good group for you. They have this to say about their group: "We warmly welcome single parents from all stages of your journey as a single parent, however we are not a divorce recovery group as such BUT what we can offer you is amazing support, FUN, friendship, compassion, laughter and best of all FUN events for all our kids to bond. We just may in essence become your new extended family and that would make us SMILE."

In addition to the above divorce support groups, here are some other resources you may want to look into:

Kids First is an interactive educational program designed to meet the specific needs of children whose parents are separated or divorced. The program is facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, Masters-level psychotherapists, interns and trainees. This program does have fees associated with it, so you will want to check their website for the most current registration fees.

F.A.C.E.S. provides safety and healing through professional counseling, education and other services for children and their families caught in the crossfire of divorce and education to prevent family violence.

F.A.C.E.S. deals primarily with families who are having issues such as:

  • Parenting after divorce
  • Sharing parenting
  • Divorce custody problems
  • Depression
  • Anger after divorce
  • Children are failing in school
  • School problems
  • Fear of being with the other parent
  • No communication with the other parent

Divorce Recovery Workshop is a non-profit program founded in 1977 to help people facing separation or divorce. They have helped over 13,000 people recover and grow through divorce. The workshop is a 6 week program led by facilitators in a small group setting. The workshops currently happen twice a year in the Fall and Spring, but you should check the website for updated information.

We hope this updated, expanded list provides you with some support opportunities to explore. Please let us know of other divorce support groups that have been helpful to you or someone you know!

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