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Secrets of a Successful Second Marriage

There is quite a bit of controversy over divorce rates, and recently the prevalent thinking is that divorce rates have been overstated by quite a bit. The data for second marriages is very limited, and historically many thought that the divorce rate for second marriages was higher than for first marriages, but recently that thinking has changed. Now, many think that the divorce rate for second marriages has been grossly overstated at 60%, and could even be lower than the stated rate of 30% for first marriages (for educated couples marrying over the age of 25).

Parallel Parenting: An Alternative to Co-Parenting

When people with children decide to divorce, the need to communicate does not end with the marriage. For some, this isn't a difficult transition. But for many folks, it can be extremely hard to co-parent, due to the upsetting emotions that can linger well after the divorce. Hurt feelings and blame can creep into parenting discussions, and it's hard for many to not let this show in front of the children. In the worst cases, the parents basically act out in front of the children, and expose them to a level of conflict that can be frightening and disturbing for the children.

How Marriage Has Changed Over the Centuries

Throughout history, marriage has been in a constant state of evolution. Back in the Stone Age, coupling was a way to organize and control sexual behavior, as well as a way to provide structure to child-rearing and the tasks of everyday life. The first recorded evidence of marriage contracts and ceremonies dates to 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. In these ancient times, women had virtually no say in who they married, and marriage was primarily a means of preserving power, forging alliances, acquiring land and producing heirs.

Estate Planning for Divorcing Couples

An important item that often gets overlooked during a divorce is an estate plan re-evaluation or the creation of an estate plan if you don't currently have one. Many people mistakenly think they do not need an estate plan, because they are not "wealthy". However, an estate plan is necessary for almost everyone who has any type of assets, regardless of age, marital status, or how much financial wealth a person has.

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