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5 Common Financial Mistakes People Make After Divorce

Sometimes after a divorce, it's easy to focus on healing emotionally, and let financial issues and money matters take a back seat. Though healing emotionally is certainly an important part of the post-divorce process, it is important to address money matters promptly, since the financial choices you make after a divorce can have lifelong effects, and either help or hurt your chances of moving on both personally and financially. This week we wanted to talk about 5 common financial mistakes that people make after divorce, so hopefully you will not stumble into these money pitfalls.

How to Leave a Violent Relationship

Domestic violence is a serious issue that is shockingly prevalent in California. According to the California Women's Health Survey (CWHS), approximately 40% of California women experience physical intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. And, according to the California Department of Justice, there were 174,649 domestic violence-related calls for assistance in 2007 (the most recent year for which data is available). Of these calls, 40% involved the use of weapons.

Spousal Support, Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

Spousal support is the term used to describe the payments, or transfer of money, from one spouse to another after divorce. Spousal support is also called spousal maintenance, and was once exclusively referred to as alimony. Today, these three terms are used interchangeably. Spousal support laws were originally created in the U.S. to protect a divorced spouse from a decreased standard of living from what they were used to. For example, one of the divorced spouses may have been out of the workforce for a significant period of time, which oftentimes might make it difficult, or take a lengthy amount of time to re-enter the workforce. Spousal support allows that spouse to maintain the standard of living they were used to while they were married.

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