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7 Ways to Reduce Money Conflicts in Your Marriage

Last week we talked about the top 10 reasons for divorce, and money (financial issues), is continually cited as one of the most prevalent reasons that couples get divorced. The underlying issue most of the time is actually lack of communication. The key to defusing the money issues in your marriage is to talk about money, and your individual histories and perspectives on money. When you marry, you're marrying your spouse's financial history as well, so it is important to be informed and have these discussions ahead of time, if possible. Ideally this would happen before you get married, but if you are already married, it's not too late to have these discussions. So, in this week's blog we are going to talk about some tips on how to approach the topic of money in your marriage, and things you can do to keep money from causing issues in your marriage.

Top 10 Reasons for Divorce

It is virtually impossible to find accurate numerical data that reports the reasons for divorce, due to the fact that different states and even counties within a state have different requirements and reporting methodology for couples filing for divorce. However, there is a common set of reasons that come up again and again in different research studies, and we are publishing that unranked list here for you. So, in no specific order the top 10 reasons for divorce are:

5 Common Reasons for Child Support Modification

Typically, California courts do not modify a child support order unless there has been a material change in circumstances (for either the custodial or non-custodial parent). The court has the final say in the matter, and there are no hard and fast guidelines as to what warrants modification; it is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Orange County Divorce Support Groups

Divorce and separations can be scary experiences. When your life is disrupted and things change, it can feel very isolating. Divorce support groups can be a great way to heal and talk to others who have been there, or are going through the same experiences you are.

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