Family Law Testimonials

At The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson, we represent individuals who are facing the most sensitive type of disputes — those involving family members. Every case that we handle is approached with a level of sensitivity and care to help clients allow their wounds to heal and to avoid any further emotional pain or general strain.

The experienced Orange County divorce attorneys at our firm approach each case with a level of understanding and care toward each client. With this approach, every individual is given the best opportunity of obtaining a successful result. If you read through the accomplishments and experiences that past clients have had by working with our firm, you can gain an understanding of how we can help you progress toward your new future.

After you read through the testimonials below, we encourage you to contact our firm and schedule a free case evaluation.

How can I possibly convey what this woman has meant to me in my life in just 4,000 words? Patricia is one of those VERY rare attorneys that actually has a human heart. I came in to see her a little over 1 1/2 years ago, desperate and in need of someone to point and guide me into the right direction. Pat made me feel very comfortable and safe, and not in the 'just telling you what you want to hear' kind of way. She was real, she was honest and I knew that she was the woman I wanted to represent me in court. I'm not sure how much in detail I'm able to go with these types of reviews, but I will say that my case was one of those ultra sensitive termination cases. It was muddy and had lots of history attached to it, needless to say, as cut and dry as it may have seemed to me, there was a lot more proving that had to be done to solidify a ruling.

This picture depicts her very well. Always smiling, always positive. It was obvious that she was very well known by her peers as she was always having to say hi or give advice to others when asked. She did her job and then some. We were hit with several curve balls during the actual 4 day trial, and Pat was able to adjust and redirect her focus unscathed. Her closing argument was long and thorough, she most definitely did not skip a beat, she left no stone unturned. And in the end, the judge ruled in our favor, not on only one account but on all three accounts. It felt to me like this was just as much of a win for Pat as it was for me. I know she lost sleep over this case, and was fighting this battle with everything she had. She is just an amazing woman, with amazing talent and I am forever indebted to her for what she was able to achieve for us (me and my child). Not enough thank yous' in the entire world to truly express the gratitude I feel in my heart.

Afton C.

My experience with your firm has been exceptional…and, your team is absolutely great to work with! You and your staff have helped to make the unpleasant business of getting my divorce as comfortable and as successful as it could possibly be…so glad I found you! Without a seconds hesitation I'll refer anyone I come in contact with who may need Family Law Services to your office.

Jocelyn E.

As a father engaged in a protracted and long distance custody case, I feel fortunate to have hired Pat Hendrickson to represent me in family court. Ms. Hendrickson and her staff were professional, hard-working and provided poignant advice and excellent representation before the court. Ms. Hendrickson was instrumental in enabling me to obtain custody of my daughter and I am very grateful. My daughter is now on path to become a successful and happy adult. I would not hesitate to recommend Patricia Hendrickson.

Bennie B.

From the very first phone conversation, your genuineness and caring personality picked me up and helped through the toughest time of my life. Your professionalism and knowledge helped the divorce go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Am forever grateful…thank you thank you thank you!

Cindy G.

I just want to thank you again for being the person in my corner when I really needed some legal help. Having received a fair and unbiased result in the dissolution of my marriage, I would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone needing family law assistance. The professional attention to details you demonstrated gave me confidence that my legal rights were defended. However, the personal sensitivity and caring side of you made the biggest difference during this highly stressful time.

Dean G.

My divorce was just finalized! Whew! What a year of adjustment it's been! I understand it gets better with time. I just want to thank you so very much for giving me hope during one of the hardest times of my life. You really did put me at ease and lifted a lot of the stress from me. Your professionalism makes you a great lawyer; your genuine kindness and caring makes you a good friend. Thank you.

Indyra C.

I appreciate what you have done for me. In my heart, saying thank you is not enough. You are a blessing. You are truly an angel in disguise. I also never got to thank you for supporting me in my toughest time in my life. So thank you for being there.


When going to an attorney you want to make sure you find someone who will take a personal interest in "You." I interviewed three other attorneys before I decided on The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson. I was faced with the likelihood that my marriage of 27 years was ending. I have two children from the marriage at the age where they are very aware of what was going on and most importantly how things would be done. I still very much loved their mother and didn't want this to turn into a mud fight. There were several assets in the form of commercial property homes in different states and several toys to be divided. Patricia dealt with every aspect of my pending divorce with a great deal of professionalism. Any correspondence from my wife's attorney was meet with a swift and timely response. As per the fees, I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for; in reviewing my monthly statements I never saw anything on the bill that was out of line. Reconciliation with my wife was accomplished after a few months. I contacted the legal assistant that I was working with and requested my case to be closed and a refund of my retainer. I had a closing statement and a refund within a few days, no problem! I never once felt like a client. It felt more like family and friends watching out for me. One thing that really impressed me was after about a week of me getting the refund I received a personal phone call from Patricia Hendrickson telling me how happy she and her staff were that my wife and I were back together and wished us well, and thanked me for choosing her Law firm. What a class act. I'm sure none of the other sharks would have been so kind. It took over a month to receive the remainder of my wife's retainer. Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C. J. Smith

Good morning Tami, I wanted to let you and your wonderful staff know how very much I appreciate all their hard work and attention to detail that you have all shown regarding my case. I could not have gotten the outcome I did without the help of all of you and for that I am greatly thankful. I am very satisfied with the outcome and am happy that the issues I had brought to the table in January have been resolved. Thank you very much to you and everyone you work with. You have collectively helped to ensure my active role as a father in my son's life.

Sincerely, Timothy N

Dearest Pat, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and kindness. I feel like I have known you a lifetime and I am so glad you were put in my path during this difficult time. Much Love,


When I went through my divorce, Patricia was the first and only attorney that I had met with. I knew from the beginning she was the attorney for me. She is compassionate, understanding, PATIENT; she knew and understood exactly what I was going through. Her professional staff, very helpful as well. Pat was always there if and when I had any questions (which was quite often). If you are looking for an attorney to help get you through one of the roughest times in your life, Patricia is the one. She's amazing. I thank you Pat from the bottom of my heart for getting me through this rough patch in my life. Thank You, Thank You!

Lisa R

I was referred to Pat Hendrickson. I met with her as well as three other firms. I immediately felt like somebody really cared about what really matters in my situation and that was my children. She explained the reality of what I was about to get into and to assure me, we will get through it as quickly as possible. I have 3 teens and full custody. I never felt like just a client with this law firm. And my divorce was not a high-profile one either. I must say what also impressed me was watching and hearing the other attorneys in the court halls show their admiration and respect for Pat Hendrickson and her team. I did not see that with other lawyers roaming the courthouse. It spoke volumes as far as I was concerned. If you have kids involved in your upcoming divorce, then you can't make a better decision then to go with this law firm.

Adam R

I hired Pat Hendrickson to handle my divorce. I had interviewed with several lawyers, but when I met with her, she made me feel so comfortable. She was honest and upfront as to what to expect and didn't make promises about the outcome, but told me exactly what she expected to happen. She was right on just about every account. I was in a long-term marriage and had no idea what to expect. From the very beginning, she and her staff did an excellent job handling my case. They answered all my questions along the way and gave me excellent and accurate advice. I just received my final court order today and I couldn't be happier. I feel like the judge made excellent decisions - he absolutely got the true picture of our marriage. Thank you sooooo much - you worked really hard for me to portray our marriage and circumstances to the court and the judge made a great ruling in all areas. I don't say this just because I feel like the ruling was in my favor, but because I believe that my case was presented very well. It is difficult to get 20 years of stuff across in a courtroom, but Pat did it well! She was compassionate and understanding with me - she truly cares about her clients. Also, she knows the law and really fights for you in the court room.

Melody K

I gave 5 stars not because everything went perfectly (which I now realize is impossible in our complex legal system), but because of the integrity of Ms. Hendrickson. The first time I met with her I liked her right away. She is sharp and really knows her stuff. I felt like she really listened to my story and understood exactly where I was coming from. That's not to say that I didn't have some issues now and then. But whenever I did I was able to talk to someone and work it out. Ms. Hendrickson talked with me several times to make sure things were going well and to straighten out any issues or questions I had. She was always very fair. The whole staff is very professional. Even at the end of my case, she, and her office manager, Tami, asked me in to review any issues I had to determine if/where they could improve. They truly listened to me and were interested in what I had to say. I think that says a lot. Just be prepared up front. I've learned that, more than likely, your case is going to cost more and take longer than you think. It's the same for everyone. Attorneys aren't cheap (at least not the good ones). If you need a family law attorney, I would definitely recommend you at least meet with Ms. Hendrickson. I think you'll see what I mean.

Steve V.

Never in my life would I have ever imagined needing a divorce lawyer. I was living the "fairy- tale" life. I was a stay-at-home Mom, raising 4 wonderful, amazing, talented children and married to my best friend, my most trusted confidant, my high school sweetheart for 16+ years. Then one day, my fairy-tale life changed, the person I trusted most left and my marriage was over. I didn't know what to do, I had no one to turn to, I had no assistance, no guidance on how to go through the court systems. A friend referred me to Patricia Hendrickson & Associates. I am so very grateful to Pat Hendrickson and her staff, they have all been wonderful. Very empathetic and understanding of my unique situation, always checking in and asking if my kids and I were doing OK. Pat took the time to answer my questions, explain the divorce and custody processes and also helped me through the loads of paperwork. If I had questions or concerns or even just got nervous before a court date, her and her staff were always there for me, they were responsive and reassured me they were by my side, guiding me along the right path. It's been almost a year now. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, my children and I have been able to begin a new chapter in our lives and we are moving forward with a positive, healthy attitude. I will forever be grateful to these wonderful people for helping me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Katherine M

Patricia Hendrickson was the best attorney we could have hoped for. We had a very difficult case with a VERY difficult opposing party. Pat was honest, reliable, and stuck through it all over the LONG 2 years it took to finish the case. She worked with us and never gave up. She had no problem saying how she felt to the judge & proving that the other party was constantly lying, and tormenting the boys. In the end, with all of her hard work and sincerity, we won the case. The boys are with parents that love them, care how they do in school & they are both doing amazing. THANK you Pat for all your hard work. You have helped out in the lives of 2 boys that really needed a change and they got it..We will forever be grateful!!!

Awesome Job Pat! Kick Ass attorney. She man handled my ex and her attorney like she was their puppeteer. I have and will continue to recommend her. Great job on cleaning up after my old attorney.

Patricia A. Hendrickson is not just an amazing attorney with vast knowledge of divorce and custody law, she is an icon of her profession. I say this because of her ability to literally control the pace and direction of a trial, while rendering all efforts of opposing counsel as futile folly. She's amazing to watch in action. Every time I went to court with her, other lawyers would scurry to her and ask for advice or legal precedent — much like a professor walking across campus. Another attribute of Pat's (a rare one at that) is that she truly CARES for her clients… as if she's taken you in like family. You can't buy that kind of sincere connection and level of attention. If you are in need of an attorney for a divorce, custody battle or for an adoption issue, you'll find no better champion of your cause than Patricia A. Hendrickson!

JD Buckwell