California Alimony Laws

Alimony, also known as spousal support in the state of California, refers to the payments made from one spouse to another after plans for divorce have commenced. Written agreements should be established before any exchange of money has been made. These spousal support orders require the payer to provide periodic support to the payee spouse.

Both spouses can request alimony, and the court will take into consideration the validity of each request. If you are facing a complex alimony issue with your current or ex-spouse, schedule a free consultation with a Huntington Beach lawyer at The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson today.

Spousal Support Guidelines

Alimony is not always necessary, but when ordered by the court, such orders must be taken seriously. Many factors will be taken into consideration to determine whether spousal support is needed in that circumstance. Some of these considerations include the:

  • Length of marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Health of each spouse
  • Earning capacities
  • Marital standard of living

In California, the court can order either temporary or permanent alimony. Temporary regular payments are made during the course of the divorce proceedings from the higher-earning spouse to the spouse with the lower income. Permanent alimony is long-term support from the payer to the supported spouse that begins after divorce. In some cases, both temporary and permanent alimony are ordered.

The express purpose of alimony is to make sure that both divorcing parties have an equal chance to maintain financial stability after the divorce. When looking at who should provide the support and how much should be offered to maintain the marital standard of living, many factors are taken into account.

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