Vigorous Representation in High Net Worth Divorce Cases

Divorce is not a simple matter. When a divorce involves the intricacy of a couple with high net worth, the case becomes even more involved and complex. Many emotional issues arise to cause added complications to the equation of divorce and all calculations that factor into the aspects of the process. Asset protection becomes an essential component of any high net worth divorce case involving property division.

When your future financial state is on the line, our Orange County divorce attorneys can help protect your rights during your high net worth divorce. We can help you avoid or resolve issues that are founded in the fear of losing that which rightfully belongs to you.

If one or both parties who enter a marriage agreement are of high net worth, the fiscal terms of divorce are more difficult to navigate. You need strong legal assistance as community property is distributed and spousal support is analyzed. We can use all necessary tools and resources to assess minute and major details of a property division order.

California law places a distinction between what is community and separate property. During this distribution, our firm can help make the process clear and create a strategy that works for you. Whether you will be paying or receiving child or spousal support, we can use specific state-mandated calculations to determine what is fair.

Protect Your Assets During A High Net Worth Divorce

At The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson, we have nearly 40 years of combined experience helping clients through their divorce cases. As we advocate for you using advanced skills, we can advise you through each aspect of your high net worth divorce.

Each of our cases is handled in a unique manner. During your free case evaluation, we can custom-design a strategy for your case. Contact us today for further information!