Divorce Involving A Foreign Citizen

With marriages between California residents and foreign citizens becoming increasingly common, it seems inevitable that divorce between citizens of different countries should become more common as well.

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Resolving The Issues Of International Divorce

When divorce occurs in California, California laws apply to issues such as the division of marital property, child custody and support. However, when dealing with an international divorce, the task of resolving these issues can become more complex, especially when children are involved and one parent wishes to relocate.

Here are just some of the issues that can arise when a U.S. citizen divorces a citizen from a foreign county:

  • If the marriage lasted less than two years, the non-U.S. citizen may lose legal residency.
  • If the non-U.S. citizen takes children to a foreign country, the other parent may have difficulty getting them back. Visits can be costly.
  • Enforcing child custody and support orders following divorce can be more difficult if your ex lives in a different country.
  • Marital property division can be complicated by assets held or transferred to a foreign country.
  • Cultural differences can make your divorce even more difficult emotionally.

Prior to filing for divorce, we encourage you talk with one of our knowledgeable attorneys concerning the issues that may be present in your situation. Our goal is to protect your interests and resolve your divorce as favorably as possible.

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