Child Support Modification

Child support orders can be changed. A judge may modify an existing order when one party can demonstrate that there has been a significant change in circumstances that affects his or her ability to pay child support — or, in some cases, the other party's need for child support. But this requires petitioning a court to modify the existing order, whether it originated in a divorce or the birth of a child to unmarried parents.

Most modifications are triggered by a change in a payer's income. It is common to see a modification request come on the heels of a job loss or a business problem. The important thing is to seek legal advice as early as possible if you believe you need to change a court order.

Finding Solutions To Child Support Problems

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  • Can I change the amount of my child support payments if I experienced a pay cut?
  • If I lost my job, do I have to keep paying child support?
  • My ex-wife is now married to a man who earns much more than I do — should I still have to keep paying this much child support?
  • What if my custody situation is changing? Will that change my child support?
  • I got divorced years ago. What can I do to bring my child support up to date with my current income?
  • My child's other parent owes back child support. What can I do to collect it?
  • I owe back child support, but I can't afford to pay it. What options do I have?
  • Can we arrange for a modification out of court? Is mediation useful if we can agree on the new terms?

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