Protecting Mothers' Rights In California

In California, mothers can no longer assume family courts will favor their rights in a child custody or visitation dispute. While Orange County judges award mothers primary residential custody of children in the majority of cases, fathers can obtain expanded visitation and in some cases primary residential custody.

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Protecting Your Custody Rights

If your spouse is contesting child custody or seeking an unrealistic amount of visitation, our lawyers can take the proper steps, including hiring experts to perform a child custody evaluation, to help you achieve your goals.

Protecting Your Finances

By seeking expanded visitation, your ex may in reality be seeking to reduce his child support payments. In California, the amount of child support that a noncustodial father pays is determined by a number of factors, including income and the number of overnight visits the father has each year. If all other factors are equal, a 50-50 child custody plan may result in the payment of no child support.

In some cases, fathers seek expanded visitation for financial reasons and then do not follow through on visits. Our lawyers will work to protect your child's right to support.

Relocation And Mothers' Rights

Relocation after divorce is complicated when your ex has visitation rights. Filing a request to move away is more than a mere formality. It is a legal requirement. Our lawyers will ensure you present the best possible case for the move to the court.

For More Information About Mothers' Rights In California

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