Protecting Grandparents' Rights In California

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. Unfortunately, under California law, grandparents may need help dealing with the legal issues they encounter.

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Can Grandparents Obtain Visitation Rights?

It's a heartbreaking situation for grandparents: Following a divorce, an ex-spouse with child custody cuts off (or severely limits) visits with grandchildren.

Unfortunately, there may be very little courts can do to help grandparents in this situation. Discretion and diplomacy are likely to get better results than litigation.

Can A Grandparent Obtain Child Custody?

Family members, including grandparents, can obtain custody of grandchildren in cases where both parents are unfit to care for children. Our lawyers can take the proper steps, including hiring experts to perform a child custody evaluation, to help you achieve your goals.

Can A Grandparent Obtain Guardianship?

Grandparents may find themselves in the role of being the primary caregivers for grandchildren when the parents are unable to do so themselves. Unfortunately, schools, clinics and other institutions may not recognize a grandparent's right to make decisions for your grandchildren. Guardianship can give you the legal authority to make decisions.

Grandparent adoption would only be appropriate if both parents are out of the picture.

For More Information About Grandparents' Rights In California

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