Protecting Fathers' Rights

Child custody and other family law matters no longer automatically favor the mother, but instead, both parents are given equal opportunities. In some divorce and family court cases, however, men feel that they have been placed at a disadvantage because of their role as a father.

The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson helps clients preserve their rights as fathers and ensure that they are given equal chances at child custody and child support. Our Huntington Beach attorneys strive to ensure that the fathers we work with are able to maintain relationships and actively participate in the lives of their children.

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Fighting To Preserve Our Clients' Parental Rights

The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson can help you through each aspect of a divorce case, including child custody, child support and paternity actions, to safeguard your rights. As a father within a family law case, you must retain all possible resources to help achieve your goals. With the legal guidance of a lawyer from our firm, you can maximize your chance of obtaining the outcome you deserve.

We can use our experience and education to help you build a case that manifests the rights that must be upheld. Whether you require assistance disputing a restraining order or want to protect your rights to visitation through a paternity test, our firm can serve you with efficiency and knowledge.

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At The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson, we have a strong comprehension of the divorce laws of the state of California and know what standards apply to your specific case. Using our knowledge of the law and our goal to protect the child's best interests, we can help you obtain the best result to your case.

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