Custody Modification

Child custody arrangements are important because kids are important. If you need advice about how to change a custody order, you are not alone. A custody modification may or may not be possible in your case.

A custody modification requires the action of a judge, who will always be concerned with the best interest of the child or children affected by the order. Most custody modifications are approved because one parent has had a significant change in his or her circumstances. Most of the time, that change has to do with one of the following:

  • A parent who has been given a good job opportunity in another city or state
  • A child who has gotten older and is in need of an adjustment in living arrangements
  • A parent who has remarried years after a divorce
  • A parent who is no longer involved in his or her child's life
  • A parent who has been abusive or has otherwise endangered his or her child or children

If you believe a modification is appropriate in your case, consult an attorney with the appropriate knowledge and experience.

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Every custody situation is different. Every court is different. Get the guidance you need if you have questions or concerns about the custody of your children.

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