Four of the worst mistakes you can make during your divorce – and how to avoid them

Mistakes made during your divorce will have a significant impact upon your future. Learn more about how to protect yourself.

Many couples who are going through a divorce are uninformed about what is about to happen to them. They have misconceptions about the divorce process, and they fail to realize that these thoughts can have a severe negative impact upon their future. This article discusses some of the common divorce issues, and some of the measures that you can take to make sure you do not fall into the same traps as others.

Thinking you need to win on everything

While this is an emotional time, you should not let your emotions be the driving factor in your decisions. You may want to punish your spouse for actions during the marriage, but know that this will often come back to haunt you. You should take the time to cautiously examine all of your options so that you stand a much more likely chance of experiencing a positive future after your divorce.

Underestimating the financial impact of divorce

A divorce generally means that each spouse will be establishing a separate residence. One of the spouses may decide to remain in the marital home while the other may rent an apartment or purchase a new home. You need to be sure that the arrangement you decide upon is something that you can afford. If you agree to take on the mortgage of the house after the divorce, you alone will be responsible for making these payments. You will have substantially fewer assets to work with, as you will only have one income.

Many couples find themselves experiencing severe financial hardship because they did not properly plan for the future. You can avoid these problems by creating a budget and sticking to it throughout the divorce. Once things become official, you will be able to move forward, instead of having to deal with one more problem.

Not realizing the impact that divorce has on your kids

While you may be dealing with a great amount of stress during your divorce, you need to be sure that you understand the effect that your divorce has on your children. In many divorces, the couples fight over custody and parenting time issues. If you and your spouse are constantly battling over every single thing, know that this could leave your kids in a very difficult place.

Make sure that you keep the best interests of the kids at the center of your custody and parenting time agreements. While you will have specific concerns that you want to be sure to address at this time, remember that you and your spouse will need to learn to work together to raise the children after the divorce is official.

And whatever you do, do not ever ask a child with whom they want to live. Children have the right to remain children while the adults tend to their divorce, and asking a child to choose a parent over the other parent is one of the most detrimental things you can do to your child. Confer with your attorney about the appropriate ways to get your childrens' issues before the court.

Trying to handle your divorce on your own

This is perhaps the most important thing on this list. If you do not have an attorney, you are taking a major chance with your future. You need someone on your side during this process. An experienced family law attorney understands how the law will impact your divorce. He or she will be able to explain what this means for you, and will help you realize all of the options that you have available in your situation. In addition, an experienced attorney has a network of trusted professionals who can address whatever special concerns you may have. Do not leave your future to chance!