Why Hire Hendrickson Cooper Hughes

Divorce and other family law issues are fragile and challenging areas of law to handle without the strength of an experienced legal team. At The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson, we know the emotional and time-consuming issues that comprise a divorce because we have personally experienced the ups and downs of this family law matter.

During each case that we take on, we provide our full and undivided attention to the client. You can receive the diligent and personal representation that you deserve at our firm.

Responsive Legal Team

Family law covers many different legal aspects involving family relations and disputes. Each of these circumstances must be given time, energy and dedication from both the lawyer and client. You can receive the responsive representation you require from our firm. Our team of lawyers and support staff is committed to quickly responding to all emails and calls. As you go through the legal process, we use our discretion and experience to keep the process peaceful and positive for all parties.

During the free case evaluation that we offer, we can thoroughly discuss your case to help you understand what will take place. Either in person or via telephone depending on your preference, we can explain the strategy behind our representation so that you understand our recommended course of action. After the consultation, all decisions are made in the best interest of the client, and not approached for our own advantage.

Compassionate and Honest Representation in Orange County, California

Many cases can be handled through mediation or collaborative divorce. We begin by looking for commonality with the opposing side so that any agreed-upon issues can easily be solved. Cases and terms that must be litigated, however, are approached from the best possible angle. As we proceed to each step, our team provides you with the best possible information so you can decide whether or not to pursue an issue. We can make your options clear to you so that the battle can be fought on your grounds. When litigation is necessary, we can fight for you and with you. Our aggressive approach is used to protect your rights, but we also counsel and guide you with compassion and empathy for the unique circumstance you face.

How Our Firm Can Help

We believe in handling divorce and family law cases in the most positive manner possible. What could prove helpful to your case, however, entirely depends on the unique aspects that differentiate it from all others. Open communication is an essential part of our approach to defining your goals and evaluating your available options. Our eye will remain on the desired long-term results and not just the smaller issues at hand. Putting these pieces together, we can help you develop a long-term strategy for your desired case outcome even before the divorce is filed.

Whether your divorce is simple or complex, you can count on our firm to help you throughout each step of the process. This, however, is your divorce, and our level of involvement will be based on your desires. Each of our approachable attorneys offers extensive experience. Dependability and honesty from each team member can help you conclude your case with the desired result. In addition, we also have a full range of experts who we conduct business with regularly who may prove beneficial during your case. We are always prepared to help you.

When you are ready to pursue legal assistance with your divorce, schedule a free case evaluation with us. Contact us today for the assistance you require.